California Child Care Providers are facing a crisis

Nearly half of all child care workers in California rely on some form of public assistance to make ends meet.
Many child care providers work two and three jobs and still scrape by to pay the rent.
Turnover in the profession remains stubbornly high. This hurts child care providers' ability to raise their own families and support the working moms and kids who are counting on them.
State funding needed to close the achievement gap has lagged. One million young learners are locked out of early education.

The people who are paid to watch America’s children tend to live in poverty.

46% Nearly half receive some kind of government assistance: food stamps, welfare money, Medicaid.

Family Child Care Providers have a solution.

Providers are fighting for collective bargaining because they know it’s the only way to improve the quality of care and education they provide, achieve better working conditions, and close the education gap that divides children from a young age into the haves and have nots. Look at the following states where family child care providers have won collective bargaining rights:
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Illinois providers won a reduction in parent co-pays to keep early learning and care affordable for low-wage workers.
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Washington child care providers negotiated at the bargaining table to trade their own scheduled increases in exchange for keeping parents’ co-payments flat.
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In Illinois, Maryland, Washington and Oregon providers have been able to expand access and greatly reduce or eliminate the waiting lists.

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Child Care Providers are asking for your support in strengthening their profession and building our economy by having the right to collectively bargain with the State of California. Let decision makers know that providers are not alone in their fight to improve their lives and those of the children and families they serve.